c u p p i n g  t h e r a p y

C U P P I N G  T H E R A P Y

A treatment that doesn't involve any needles and only the application of cups on to the body to promote blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, tension release, increase oxygen flow and recovery. 

Body cupping can leave some marks depending on each individual and will fade away within days to a week. This is stagnant blood that is surfacing that will be replaced with fresh new blood after the cups have been release from the body. Facial cupping is great for toxin release and hydration, there is no marking that will be left on the face. During each session, any concerns or issues will be addressed before treatment.

Cupping can help address the following:

- Facial rejuvenation

- muscular tension & pain

- colds & flus

- lymphatic drainage

- cellulite 

- jetlag


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