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Meraki’s 3-month preconception primer.

Girl, we understand. You’re just desperate to get to that sweet serendipity of checking what size the human growing inside of you is in comparison to fruit and veg on that frivolous smartphone app, like the other bump-laden, buzzing bosom-buddies in your world. Deep, big breaths. For some, falling pregnant is REALLY hard.

This program is for ladies who feel ready to reconnect to the idiosyncrasies of womanhood and sit in their most fabulously feminine self to naturally set the body up for pregnancy

 We’re not waving any magic wands like little preggo pixies. But we are determined to help you embrace some really uplifting habits, thoughts and healing processes to nail all the basic groundwork for your body to start growing another little one inside. Let’s get pregnant.

At Meraki, we wholeheartedly believe in the intricacies and natural remedies underpinning modern chinese medicine. When it comes to the elusive beast that is ‘wellness’, we’re always realistic, honest and warm in our approach. We do this by creating carefully-honed rituals, routines, hands-on practices and herbal elixirs (that actually work). 


When pining to fall pregnant, things can get a little (ahem, a lot) overwhelming, disenchanting and pipe-dream-esque. In our own bid to help your body and mind reach their very best bub-bearing status, we’ve put together a comprehensive yet totally unintimidating 3-month preconception program. 

More Information to come soon. Keep your eyes peeled for the online program coming early 2021.

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