The 3-month Preconception Program

Meraki’s 3-month preconception primer.

Girl, we understand. You’re just desperate to get to that sweet serendipity of checking what size the human growing inside of you is in comparison to fruit and veg on that frivolous smartphone app, like the other bump-laden, buzzing bosom-buddies in your world. Deep, big breaths. For some, falling pregnant is REALLY hard.

This program is for ladies who feel ready to reconnect to the idiosyncrasies of womanhood and sit in their most fabulously feminine self to naturally set the body up for pregnancy

 We’re not waving any magic wands like little preggo pixies. But we are determined to help you embrace some really uplifting habits, thoughts and healing processes to nail all the basic groundwork for your body to start growing another little one inside. Let’s get pregnant.

At Meraki, we wholeheartedly believe in the intricacies and natural remedies underpinning modern chinese medicine. When it comes to the elusive beast that is ‘wellness’, we’re always realistic, honest and warm in our approach. We do this by creating carefully-honed rituals, routines, hands-on practices and herbal elixirs (that actually work). 


When pining to fall pregnant, things can get a little (ahem, a lot) overwhelming, disenchanting and pipe-dream-esque. In our own bid to help your body and mind reach their very best bub-bearing status, we’ve put together a comprehensive yet totally unintimidating 3-month preconception program. 

We truly, deeply, lovingly hope that by wrapping your life around these new Meraki-made routines, a little new arrival will have their mini fingers wrapped around your thumb soon. Ladies, let’s walk through the process to get you waddling out soon:

The Lowdown

  • Weekly acupuncture sessions, herbs and supplement support divinely guided and tailored to each woman

  • Take-home mindfulness rituals that actually feel right for you

  • Mindset strategies to nourish your glorious body flourish (after all, it can’t because body function at its best without the mind doing some groundwork, too)

  • Cupping, if needed. 

  • Considerate and no-judgey nutritional advice to feed body and soul

  • Tailored lifestyle advice to instil vital, new routines and audit existing ones 


  • Free massage within the clinic from the girls at body align myotherapy and massage to relieve any unwelcome tension you’re feeling (who have outrageously dreamy hands, by the way)

  • Get your hands an indulgent book on priming the body for pregnancy

  • Oh, and if you got your bloods done recently, we can translate the medical jargon to explore the nitty-gritty of what’s going on inside your body in a way that’s cinch to understand. It’s decoding that special synergy between eastern-meets-western medicine, and it’s what Meraki does best. 

Bliss Bonuses


I’m dealing with some really major women’s health issues. Will this plan still work for me?

PCOS, endometriosis and fibroids are seriously debilitating, draining and frustrating lifelong battles for some of the ladies among us. But this doesn’t make you exempt from our preconception plan. We’ll still be hustling and healing to help your body become its healthiest self in other ways like mental mindsets. We understand these conditions can feel pretty defeting at times, but we’ll collaborate to create new coping mechanisms and ways to ease your own unique set of concerns to prime your body for pregnancy.To add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.

I'm exploring IVF soon. Will all this stuff still help?

Yes, turns out it will! There are copious studies that demonstrate how bloody beneficial it is to have your health at an optimal level utilising chinese medicine, good nutrition, acupuncture and other good stuff to increase your IVF success. IVF can be jaw-droppingly expensive, so we want you to have the best possible chance. That’s the crux of why we’ve put together this program!

I've gone through multiple IVFs. I don't know if I can afford this.

We truly understand this, and don’t want to exacerbate any stress levels. Especially during this often precarious process. We have a set of payment plans available to work towards a program that works for you in every way.

When should I start the program?

The good news is: anytime is the right time. It doesn’t matter where you are in your menstrual cycle. It also doesn't matter what age you are, as we operate on a gal-to-gal basis of bespoke program tailoring. (This just means your plan is likely to be totally different to the next person’s anyway).

What if I'm in the middle of an IVF round?

It is best to do this program before, or In-between IVF rounds. As we want to ensure your health is at an optimal level of health to get the best chance of pregnancy for IVF (or natural if it happens before your round!)

I'm a little (actually, a lot) squeamish with needles. Do I have to get acupuncture?

Acupuncture has so many benefits for optimising the body's healing processes, and the studies are extensive on the benefits for fertility. Although if needles are not your thing we can do acupressure instead, cupping and other exercises during your treatments. But i promise it doesn't hurt!

I'm already seeing a naturopath or homeopath for supplements. Does this matter, or am I ‘cheating’ on you both?

Not at all, girlfriend. We love working with multiple professionals to give you the best outcome. Sometimes, you need a tasting platter of experts to help you reach your individual wellness goals. What we will need to go over is what you’re already taking and talking about so we can reach a sweet spot and avoid overriding or counteracting any other plans in place.

So, why is this program 3 months long?

Simply because your follicles develop over 95-100 days. These little things hold the eggs your body releases each month, and only one egg gets released that is the most dominant and ripened. (We like that egg a lot and want to show it some big-time love and fostering). Over those 100 days, we need to ensure you’re taking brilliant care of your body so that everything is optimised for that all-important egg development. This, in theory, makes your chances of conceiving and holding the pregnancy a whole lot higher. Result.

Argh. Hate to be THAT person, but why does it cost so much?

We know how icky it can be to invest in IVF (or other programs) and fork out a small mortgage to only get nowhere, fast. With the three-month program, we created a price that has a lot of value in it for your mental, physical and spiritual health. This is designed to really reset your body and prime it for a health success story. We know IVF can be crazily costly and around $10,000 per transfer, so we’ve tried to find a fair price that will have you feeling really confident and comfortable in kickstarting your pregnancy journey.

Go on. Drop us a line, girl.

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