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Reiki is non invasive energy healing modality that involves placing the hands in a series of positions over or above the body that allows energy to continuously flow through. Reiki promotes healing by transmuting and transporting energy throughout the body that will allow the body to heal naturally whilst in a relaxed state. 

Just like meditation, reiki has many health and wellbeing benefits including; stress relief, reduced pain and irritation, more oxygenated blood flowing freely in the body and aids in the detoxification process.Whether you need rest and restoration or to feel more connected and aligned with your mind-body, Reiki is suitable for anyone.

Bringing you back to an harmonised state, reiki will leave you feeling lighter, calmer, more connected with yourself and the universe. Depending on what your intentions are reiki can be received as often as you like from weekly to monthly. To continue on shining at your brightest, once a month is a good guideline.

What to expect:

During your session with Casey at meraki tcm you will feel supported, deeply relaxed and spiritually guided.

We will discuss and share any issues you would like to bring up that you wished to be worked on.


You will be gently asked to lay down on the table fully clothed with a soft blanket over the top of you and with an eye pillow covering your eyes. Whilst you are on the table you will be guided in to a gentle meditation with music in the background to promote deeper relaxation and connection. Through out the session Crystals, oils and herbs will be used accordingly to your needs during the session to enhance further healing.It is common for some people to fall asleep and even snore, this is completely fine and even welcomed! Healings can as long as 50 minutes to an hour once the correct amount of healing has been done. You will be guided back to the present time with singing bowls and beautiful scents of palo santo to ensure a smooth transition. We will then have time to go over anything you experienced and set any goals you may need.


Reiki Healing


Leave up to 1 hour


Womb Healing


Leave up to 1.5 hours

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