Inside the whole package gift set your friend or loved one will be delighted with a jade stone facial roller and facial gua sha toolkit, a restful loose leaf tea blend, a flourite crystal and a plush makeup remover cleansing pad to enhance their skin loving skin routine.

The Jade Stone Whole Package Gift Set

  • Within this beautifully packaged christmas box you will find a jade stone theme happening inside to gift your friend or loved one a full skin experience.

    You will recieve a jade stone facial roller and gua sha tool with a keepsake box and a beautifully laid out "how-to" instructions on how to use the facial tool.

    Alongside with the facial tool is a reiki charged flourite crystal to enhance the good vibes in your gift with a nice description of the crystal.

    Because we love being extra in our skin routine we have also gifted your friend with a restful tea blend to sip on as they roll away into a dreamy state.(The tea is a blend of chamomile, lemongrass and spearmint)

    With a couple of cute extra touches of a makeup remover super soft pad, rosemary (for the delighful smell when they open their gift) and a gift card if you choose your friend is going to just adore this gift!

    Just leave a note when you check out if you would like a card added in for your convenience.

    It's the perfect whole package to gift your friend or loved one (or treat yo self!) 

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