The Skin Series

With Casey Dorman + Stephanie Robertson

Learn about your skin from the experts!


Casey and Stephanie are bringing you a series of energetic Online Webinars to indulge you in the ins and outs of your skin, helping you understand what are the root causes of any skin woe you may be having and help you get rid of the skin qualms you also may be holding on to.  Explore them below!

Upcoming Events

The Skin Series: All Inclusive Ticket
Oct 04, 10:00 AM GMT+11 – Oct 25, 11:00 AM GMT+11
Online Event
Be part of the weekly Skin Series where Stephanie and Casey will take your through different conditions of the skin each week, what is causing your skin woes, how to help your skin and all things energetics.
The Skin Series: Sensitivity + Pigmentation
Oct 25, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM GMT+11
Online Event
Learn all about your skin sensitivities and pigmentation, inside to out from your holistic skin experts; Stephanie and Casey

Meraki Face Mapping Ebook

Keep this is in the palm of your hand for ready to go to advice when harry the "zit" comes along to surprise you. Get an understanding of the complexities beneath the skin and what it all means!

facial diagnosis ebook

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