The Meraki Facial Gua Sha Masterclass

With Casey Dorman 



Gua Sha is like yoga for your face. And just like yoga, it takes a little stretching, rolling and patience to start seeing those glowing results. So we're throwing some webinars for some good skincare chitchat and Chinese Medicine wisdom.

Upcoming Events
Gua Sha like a Goddess Masterclass
Aug 26, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM GMT+10
We’re throwing a little Wednesday night gua sha webinar to demo the divine art of facial massaging with your go-to tools.

Meraki Face Mapping Ebook

Keep this is in the palm of your hand for ready to go to advice when harry the "zit" comes along to surprise you. Get an understanding of the complexities beneath the skin and what it all means!

facial diagnosis ebook

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