Meet Casey, the mind, body and soul behind Meraki

For Casey, wellness is a way of life.

It’s not a quick-fix, a fad or an awkward, clinical catch-up. With a wealth of knowledge in Chinese medicine, Reiki, meditation and hypnobirthing, Casey fuses a love of eastern philosophies with a western approach. She’s a lady that emanates warmth and ridiculously infectious, good vibes while offering drug-free, pain-free therapies for women (men, you’re welcome here, too) in a boutique setting. Casey exudes passion, sunshine and warmth, fusing superb professionalism with a candid edge to make sure you feel at ease. 


After stepping foot into Casey’s space, you’ll settle into your seat a little deeper. Her studio is like a utopia of calm, encouraging you to slip away from the throng of the outside world for a while. That’s because you’re entering All About You time. Sounds lush, right? 

Casey softens the sometimes alienating concept of holistic wellness and Chinese medicine.

Like a good bottle of wine, we each have our own quintessential set of top notes, bases, twangs and hues. We pair well with certain practices and people, and don’t quite strike harmony with others. This is where Casey is a connoisseur. Like a fine sommelier, she can marry you with tactics to optimise your mind-body connection. Maybe you’re struggling with pissed-off skin, fighting against the riptide of fatigue, or simply just grazing on too much dairy at happy hour. Whatever the predicament, Casey is there to listen astutely and take ardent, honest, meticulous action with you each step of the way.

She makes it relatable, understandable and palatable for everyone that steps through her door and is hankering to learn more. What starts with that moment of solace and sanctitude moves swiftly into an audit of your concerns, wishes and BIG ol’ goals for that sacred trifecta of mind, body and soul. 


Go on. Drop us a line, girl.

Want to chat? Have a gander at our haven? Learn more about Casey? Good news: we’re always up for a yarn, phone call or email. And if you want to have a ponder on the gram, then check her out.