It's just like a facial but has natural longer lasting effects for deeper concerns.

It's just like a facial but longer lasting and more effective for those niggly places!

Cosmetic acupuncture is an effective way of reducing wrinkles, eliminating fine lines, lifting sagging skin, as well as improving skin colour and texture. And without using any chemicals! That’s right. No Botox or fillers!


Tiny fine like needles are inserted along specific pressure points, releasing energy and endorphins. The needles stimulate blood flow and cell re-growth including the production of healing collagen. All occurring naturally within your own body.

For best facial rejuvenation and results, treatments over a 5 week period will get you that glow for your skin.

Conditions treated by Cosmetic Acupuncture

 Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Crows Feet



Acne Scaring

 Droopy Cheeks and Chin.

Dull Complexion

Sallow Cheeks

 Bells Palsy

Dehydrated Skin

Frown Lines

Bridal Preparation 


Initial Consultation & Treatment 


Follow Up Treatments


Packages are available for 6 & 10 treatments. (Available in Clinic)

B R I D A L  P A C K A G E S

Bridal Acupuncture is a unique set of treatments tailored to each bride to be.

Helping both women and men to get their skin glowing for their big day and also calming the nerves!

Get naturally clear glowing skin for your wedding day with our cosmetic packages that are available. 

3 Sessions: $324

6 Sessions: $648

12 Sessions: $1,224

* Excludes initial consultation & treatment

Monthly options coming soon

All treatments are claimable. Packages are made to be cost effective to the individual wanting to go ahead to get that glow on before their wedding day. They are non- refundable.

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