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I'm Casey

I'm the Founder of Meraki TCM, a holistic health clinic in Clifton Hill. I have studied Chinese medicine & Reiki and most passionate about providing all natural treatments using techniques such as acupuncture, cupping, energy healing and herbal medicine to assist individuals with their health needs. My passion is helping heal women's health issues, supporting fertility journeys and remedying skin conditions by providing drug-fee and pain-fee therapies. I love looking in to  every health concern from both a western and eastern perspective so i can give you the best outcome possible.

"When did you last Sing? When did you last Laugh? When did you last Dance?"

- Marko Petrovic


Your Health Journey 

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Using fine like needles to bring healing to  women's health issues, fertility and pregnancy concerns, immune system conditions, digestive disorders and more.

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Cosmetic Acupuncture

A facial that stimulates collagen production, Softens Acne Scarring, Improves elasticity of the skin, Improves cellular Hydration and Brightens Complexion.

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Herbal Therapy

 Take home botanicals to get relief from Period Pain, Pre-Menstrual Symptoms, Menopause, Hormone Imbalances, Skin Concerns, Colds & Flu, Gut Issues and Much More.

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Find restoration and consciousness with deep Energetic Healing that will make you feel lighter, happier and more connected. 

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Cupping Therapy

 Using cups on the body & face to give you relief from muscular tension, colds & flu and relaxation with no needles needed.

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107 Queens Parade

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*Located within the Clifton Hill Therapies building.


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